About the Indoor Golf Ball

The only way to get better at golf is to hit golf balls, lots and lots of balls. But getting to the course is not always an option. The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball is a practice golf ball designed for indoor use. It was invented by Adam Tuttle from Up & Down Inc in Santa Barbara California who developed it specifically for use with the short irons.

At that time the only suitable practice balls in existence were the ubiquitous air flow or soft foam balls. The Floppy Indoor golf Ball ConstructionWhilst these provide a target to aim at, they are too light to provide any meaningful feedback to the golfer. The intention with the Floppy was to develop a practice ball that could mimic a real golf ball yet was safe to use in and around the house.


The specially engineered liner is firm enough to provide feel off the club face and soft enough to deform on impact allowing The Floppy to be safely hit into a window or wall. The free movement of the proprietary fill is the clever part providing the sensation of hitting a heavier ball and thus offering realistic golf ball feedback.

Again, to protect any delicate household surfaces, and to enable the club to grip the ball the outer cover is constructed from a soft, durable, hand-woven material that is made to last.

The end result is a high quality product that feels, rolls and spins like a real golf ball. We believe The Floppy Indoor Golf Ball offers golfers the ability to fine tune their short game at home leading to genuine improvements on the course.